Step & Stocks

This is the front of St Chad Church in Saddleworth, note the old stocks which I have shown before.. but the other thing of interest is the steps.. these are there for helping to mount and dismount horses. Back in the 1600s you either walked or came by horseback.


Anonymous said...

Just be seeing the stone and the architecture type one could say it was an old church, but the detail of those steps is just great.

Never really thought of that and never seen that around here. Guess I'll have to look with more attention.

Liked the colours.

Small City Scenes said...

That is just great. I love the mounting steps. Nothing like that out here, of course nobody but the Natives were out here way back in 1600. I think they were happy without the rest of us. MB

missixty said...

Beautiful architecture, i love the steps!

dot said...

Really great piece of history! Is the red a historical sign? I enlarged the photo but still couldn't read it.
This is a great post Tom and amazing to see something so old!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy this simple blog with the pictures from all over the world. I guess I should be telling this to Quint so maybe he will read this and know.

Andrea said...

The steps and iron gates look very old. Kind of spooky looking with the graves above the place. Nice photo. I am sure there is some interesting history to this place.


Historical and interesting post!