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Red Bull in Oporto

Cows in Holland

On a last HOT summerday the cows are enjoying the sun in Holland

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Festival of Photography/Holland

Festival Of Photography in Holland

Where: Naarden -Vesting ,The Netherlands

When: May 16th -June 14th 2009

"Reflections" Above photo is made for JoAnn's exibition "Reflections"
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A package from India

My daughter is traveling in India and sent this home. The return address is what caught my well as the cloth the package is wrapped in as opposed to paper. Different cultures do things differently!

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Jacaré do Papo Amarelo.

This animal was on the banks of the Taxas Canal, next to my house, in District of Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Rio de Janeiro.

Sunny and Cold Holland

The water on the canals is frozen but the sun is also shining..

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Chuckanut Bay at Sunset

Sunset on Chuckanut Bay Washington State USA
MaryBeth Stanwood, Wa US


Holland : Frozen water & windmill....

HOLLAND in winter
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Happy 2009 : JoAnn D eyes/Holland

BEST wishes for 2009
This is NOT my fireworks, I saw this while looking outside my livingroom window.....
"safe with fireworks" thats a great way to celebrate the NEW YEAR!
Happy and CREATIVE 2009 wishes from :JoAnn's D Eyes /Holland,
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Merry Christmas!

Frozen-Frost in Holland, by JoAnn's D Eyes

"Beautiful nature ART"

Above: Frost, snow and frozen nature in

Pretty Holland


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It must be cold.........

.....look a blue snowflake.
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