A Mill from Holland "Delfs BLUE"

Typical for HOLLAND:

" For Quint, because he love's mills."
When you ever have the change to visit HOLLAND than 2 things ( out of more) are typical DUTCH : THe BLUE porcelain, handmade painted with BLUE paint , all made in DELFT... a small city near The Hague... Also Mills are seen almost everywhere on the sides of all roads.. On Joann's D-Eyes from Holland click to visit here, there I show more Dutch area-photography.
Have a good weekend greetings from JoAnn


Anonymous said...

Thank you JoAnn ... of course you are quite right about Delft porcelain and mills, but what about tulips, beer, cheese, food, bikes, Van Gogh, Vermeer and many more Dutch artists?
And, last but not least, the amazing Dutch people beeing JoAnn one of the finest examples of friendship, joy and good will?

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

OKAY OKAY ! Quint :)

You are right....
HOLLAND has so much more....
What do you MORE wish to see?
Besides ;
Dutch tulips, ( Heineken?) beers, (Amsterdamned/Gouda!) cheeses, (Bread and on top of Bread-flavors?) foods, ( we-2 have 6 bikes !) bikes, Van Gogh Paintings, Vermeer Paintings and many more Dutch artists?

Uhhh me? Well lets see what I can do about that, maybe less hair on my photo portraits ? hahaha

Than I wish uhhhum I wish....
some fado's (songs)music from Portugal and fish, Portuguese wines, beers, fowers, and what more can I ask? More of you/Your family and countrie?

Enjoy your weekend
Greetings from JoAnn/Holland