JoAnn: Soon I'll be missing you!

MOOOW And WOOOF and JoAnn are leaving for a holiday
A few days to gooooo, I'll be missing YOU my blogfriends and also my cows in Holland
OUR dog IOS is coming with us we are leaving (medium) this week, by car for a holiday in 3 different FRENCH Chateaus.... in the DORDOGNE in the middle of FRANCE...

Do you want to follow my FRENCH Charming journey???
If you do: Please come over and join me visit: JOANN's BLOG
OUR Charming journey to FRANCE is starting on my blog: see on THURSDAY-evening July 17th at that date ( july 17th) I 'll post MORE photo's about this journey , go to: JoAnn-D-Eyes- BLOG. Please visit my BLOG this coming week.
Happy holiday wishes ,dear blogfriends:)
from dog IOS & JOANN


dot said...

Lucky you always traveling and seeing new places! Have fun!

Anonymous said...


'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Thanks DOT, yes we'll travele a lot,
I will enjoy of course! Quint