Sit in reverie and 
watch the changing color of the waves 
that break upon the idle 
seashore of the mind.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


dot said...

Love your picture and the quote is perfect to go with it.

Kostas said...

Beautiful photograph, with depth as the infinity, a lot of colours and very good subject, the waves appear lively and create a intensity, as it is natural. The green seaweed creates a improbable sense in the eye, the frame left to you little, but this does not decrease the value of your photograph!

For The People said...

Great Photograph!

TeamSplashi said...

Oh, wow this is great blog with professional photographs.
Thank you for sharing.
Team Splashi
Portland OR

Andrea said...

I want to be there......NOW! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Chris, esta foto é maravilhosa.
E as palavras que escolheu também!

Neva said...

This is a great shot of the ocean!