A Motorcycle Cell Phone User

How does one ride a motorcycle and talk on the cell phone at the same time?
Geneva, Illinois, USA


Small City Scenes said...

Good question. Lets call him and find out. MB

Andrea said...

Well, at least he stopped at the red light. Must have been calling his wife to let her know he was held up at the red light and would be late getting home.

Anonymous said...

Big mystery, no?
Today as I was driving to my fathers house I passed a guy driving a Mercedes stationwagon who was going at no less than 100 km per hour, one hand to t5he wheel and lights and the other to hold the cell phone ... quite stupid!

Andrea, the red light excuse was a great one!

Ralph Couey said...

Particularly since he's using the throttle hand.

I guess he might say, "I'm not riding, I'm sitting."

There are hands-free devices that fit inside helmets. Ooops, he's not wearing one, is he?

I think we're looking at a potential Darwin Award nominee.