Our summerplace in the eastern part of Finland. . .

in the end of March. The lake is still under a thick ice and a ground under a thick snow,
but our dear sun has already plenty of power and it`s working very hard melting both ice and snow.

I want to thank you Neva for inviting me to this new blog, I will with a great pleasure
participate in this project together with all of you.

(Ps. I started again to publish DPblog pages )


quintarantino said...

And I want to thank you that you decided to join on this project. Afterall you were a very good member of UNITED and are a good photographer and friend.

Nice photo.

Andrea said...

Glad you joined us. Your snow picture is beautiful. I live in Georgia (a southern state in the USA) We have very little snow so I have enjoyed all the snow pictures all of you have shared on your blogs and this blog.

LeenaM said...

thank you for thanking :) and for kind words !

I am afraid, that people ,who have snow, are very tired of snow photos, but this shows our different environment with long winters and very short summers.
Now also I am waiting eagerly for vanishing of snow and some green appearing to look at.

Have a good day!

Neva said...

Leena, I am with you on the snow....I am READY for some green!!! Glad to see you here and I will check out your DP blog as well.

Daniel J Santos said...

Beautiful picture.

dot said...

I like this snow picture also but at first I thought it was sand.

Small City Scenes said...

Yes it does look like sand. But that is a LOT of snow and frozen lake. Beautiful though. MB