I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke & Keep it Company

I've been admiring this blog since Andrea first told me about it and was really thrilled when I was asked to join. I tried to find an appropriate picture for my first posting. This is considered the World's first outdoor painted Coca Cola wall sign and it's located on the side of Young Brother's Pharmacy in Cartersville, Georgia. I wish they could have redone the sign without making it look so new.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Welcome Dot
This is a great sign.. I know what you mean about aging it.. but none the less it is still nice to see.

Small City Scenes said...

Maybe they should have used crackle paint. then it would look old but still be refreshed---as I would be if I had a cold one right now. lol
Cool pic though. MB

David said...

Coca cola beside pharmacy - I wonder, is there a conspiracy here??? :D
Great pic though. The railroad really improves it, makes the sign stand out along with the peek of the buildings above.


David Webb: Pictures of Nature

Andrea said...

Welcome to World of Photo's Dot. Glad you joined us. If you're buying, I'll take mine over crushed ice. ;)

Anonymous said...

The first painting by Coke?
That's pretty nice.
Just a moment, I'm going to see if my doctor isn´t around ... no, ok, I'll have one Coke please ... just like Andrea!

Daniel J Santos said...

Welcome to the blog, very interesting, one great photo.

Neva said...

Welcome welcome welcome! Glad you are here! Love the photo.

Irene Grumman said...

Last night KPBS showed an old film called "One, Two, Three," by Billy Wilder. James Cagney plays the leader of the CocaCola division in Berlin, who is trying to intoduce CocaCola to the USSR. It is very fast paced and funny. It reminds me how CocaCola has been involved in history both as a villain selling third world countries a non-nutritive product, a hero providing work in many countries in the bottling plants, and a symbol of carefree enjoyment in America. Since CocaCola was first sold as a tonic in pharmacies, it makes sense that the sign in your photo includes a pharmacy.

This is my first visit to this photo blog. Your photo is interesting and I will want to return to see what you all are doing.